January 2023

  • On January 12, University and Medical School leadership announced a new vision, MPact Health Care Innovation. The University is proposing to acquire our teaching hospitals and clinical facilities to create a healthcare campus on the East Bank. LEARN MORE>>

    MPact Health Care Innovation UMN
  • The expenses of applying to medical school, which can be upwards of $10,000 per application, can be the barrier that stops intelligent, talented students from pursuing their dreams of becoming a doctor. Third-year medical students Cassidy Berg and Susan Molina created a short video asking that medical schools re-examine admissions practices that may put some students at a disadvantage and potentially eliminate them from consideration.

    Advocating for low-income medical school applicants
  • Staff Advancing Diversity and Inclusion (SADI) is welcoming applications from Medical School staff to help lead DEI efforts in our community. Find out more about the Leadership Committee and Subcommittees by reading through SADI’s Missions and Current Initiatives.

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  • A summer research training opportunity from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is now accepting applications from doctoral-level professional health sciences students and early-PhD students. Called A-PReP, the programs give students the opportunity to gain critical skills, conduct research with a mentor, present their findings, and build camaraderie with fellow students. Applications accepted until February 10. APPLY>>

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  • University of Minnesota researchers are seeking healthy volunteers to enroll in The Blood Study. Our research aims to understand immunity to infections. Participants will be compensated up to $20 for their time. We are looking for participants who are 18 to 49 years old and in overall good health. The study involves a one time blood draw at the UMN campus. The entire study will take about 30 minutes to complete! Email [email protected] to volunteer.

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  • Dr. Andrea Westby and Dr. Taj Mustapha are conducting virtual interviews study with patients and community members who have experienced discrimination or bias in healthcare. They will explore how participants feel about being asked about discrimination in healthcare at their office visits and identify considerations for how to better care for patients and communities. Anyone 18+ who have experienced discrimination in healthcare and can navigate Zoom for an interview conducted in English is eligible to participate.

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  • The Medical School Research Office is excited to announce its inaugural IRB Protocol Writing Academy. This opportunity is open to junior faculty members who would benefit from a 12 week program: 8 didactic sessions and 4 weeks of independent work. The program will focus on learning the IRB Protocol Writing process, how to navigate services at the University of Minnesota, and how to make sure that your IRB protocol works for the scientific components of your research project. For more information, please visit our website; 8-10 applicants will be accepted into the program.

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  • The Food Matters for Health Professionals continuing education course is being offered in three sessions starting January 30. This live-via-Zoom course is an evidence-based, experiential-learning, applied nutrition, and culinary skills course for health professionals of all disciplines. The course addresses the role of food in specific health conditions and its function in health promotion and disease prevention. See website for information and accreditation statement.

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  • Celebrating staff anniversaries! 

    Congratulations to our staff who are reaching anniversary milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25 and up years of service! 

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  • Thanks to the gift of a laser microtome from the lab's founder, Dr. Michael Paparella, and grants from the NIH and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, the Otopathology Lab is advancing the preservation and study of human temporal bones. The goal is to enable more researchers to have access to these valuable specimens, which are important to studying diseases of hearing and balance.

    Opath Lab UMN