September Welcome Note

Jakub Tolar MD PhD

Is it really the third week of September already? Our 135th year has started off with a statewide focus on how we improve health and the practice of medicine for all Minnesotans. I see this as a tremendous opening to share what we do with a willing audience via the Governor's Task Force on Academic Health at the University of Minnesota and the Board of Regents' Special Committee on Academic Health. In the spotlight, under the microscope, however we view it, this is something we need. The work we do--education, research, clinical care and service--keeps us so busy that we don't often have the time and energy to spread the word about what we are doing. But now is that time. How can we tell our stories, both individually and as a medical school? Over the next three months, until the January 2024 deadline for the Task Force, this will be one of our challenges and opportunities. Let's make the most of it.