October Welcome Note

Jakub Tolar MD PhD

As we gather information to share with the Governor's Task Force, I am struck by how many people and how many collaborations come together to make the Medical School what it is. Do you know the numbers? 3,370 faculty (full-time, adjunct, affiliated); 2,500 staff; nearly 1,500 undergraduate, medical and graduate students; over 1,000 residents and fellows. M Physicians has 3,000 providers in 100 specialties, and practices in 10 hospitals and 60 clinics. In 2022, our physicians saw 1.2 million patient visits (including people from every county in the state). It's hard to visualize numbers on this scale. That's why our individual stories--from students, staff and faculty--are so critical to helping us understand our impact on science and medicine, on clinical care, on education, on our state, and on each other. Please take a minute to learn more about some of the people who make up our Medical School and let us know if you have a story of your own to tell.